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How to Backup WordPress And How to Restore WordPress QUICKLY

Backup WordPress EasilyHow to back wordpress database?Themes? Plugins? And do you know how to restore your wordpress websites? Or Move your wordpress based websites to other servers? Yes, you can find a lot tutorials on the internet:

  1. how to backup wordpress database
  2. how to backup wordpress site
  3. how to restore wordpress backup

Yes, you can do these by yourself, but this is really a hard work, espacially if you are new to wordpress or have a lot websites/blogs!
don’t worry, here is a great wordpress plugin for wordpress back and restore,even make a migration,and it is easy!Try the backupbuddy from Plugin Buddy.

What is Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy is an all-in-one solution for backups, restoration, and migration. The single backup ZIP file created by the plugin can be used with the importer PHP script to quickly and easily restore your site on the same server or even migrate to a new host with different settings.The single backup file created by the plugin can be used with the importer script to quickly and easily restore your site on the same server or even migrate to a new host with different settings. Whether you’re an end user or a developer, this plugin is sure to bring you peace of mind and added safety in the event of data loss. The goal is to keep the backup, restoration, and migration processes easy, fast, and reliable.

A full backup is required to restore your site or migrate. However, a Database Only backup may be created as a faster, more regular backup solution. When restoring your site or migrating, simply include the latest database backup ZIP in addition to the full backup. BackupBuddy will automatically check the full backup and database only backup to restore the latest database version.

Features of this cool wodpress backup restore plugin

  • Backup your entire WordPress install – including the widgets, themes, plugins AND SQL database … the entire package! You should not leave the backup process up to your web host … just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your blog or website … with BackupBuddy, you can schedule backups and have the files emails, or uploaded to an FTP account for you.
  • Migrate a WordPress site to another domain easily – If you build custom WordPress sites for clients this plugin is for you! This is a HOT feature for WordPress developers who build a custom site for a client on a temporary domain (like a sandbox or playground site) then want to reinstall the ENTIRE site with widgets and all on a live client domain.
  • Restore your WordPress site fast — the restore function within BackupBuddy is a simple restoration process where you upload a script and your backup files and it reinstalls WordPress, your themes, widgets and plugins.
  • Backup Scheduling – BackupBuddy can do daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly backups … and includes email and FTP options to another server

Why not try this great wordpress plugin?

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Read more:

1. Set a password in the Settings section if you have not done so.
2. Perform a full backup by clicking Begin Backup on the Create Backup page. This may take several minutes.
3. Perform database backups regularly to compliment the full backup as the database changes with every post and are smaller than full backups.
4. Download the backup importer, importbuddy.php, for use later when restoring or migrating.


1. Upload the resulting backup zip file and importbuddy.php to the root web directory of the destination server.
You do not need to install WordPress or any other files on the destination server. The backup will handle this.
2. Also upload the latest database backup ZIP file if one exists.
3. Navigate to importbuddy.php in your webbrowser on the destination server.
4. Follow the importing instructions on screen. You will be given the option to change settings on import.
5. After completing the restore / migration, repeat the process, selecting the database backup zip on import.