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Headway Theme vs. Genesis Theme

Which wordpress theme framework is better? Headway theme or studiopress genesis theme? Although these are theme framework,in fact they designed for different users.
Why studiopress designed Genesis theme while there are some popular theme framework?
In fact, studiopress developed the Genesis theme framework for their users. Yes, for studiopress users. Most of the current StudioPress themes have similar code, and it made total sense for them to take a step back, and provide a solution that would be ideal for them. What better way to do that than to build a framework that is built on one set of core files, and can easily be extended by way of a child theme.

Another major reason why the studiopress’ team developed the Genesis theme framework was to provide a much simpler way of updating as new theme releases took place. While the designer take full credit for the lack of ease on the current StudioPress themes, he knew that in order to stay atop the market, they needed to come up with a solution that was solid. One that would allow users to update their themes, without the need for re-doing theme customizations. The obvious choice in that process was to build a framework.

What are the Differences Then Between Genesis and Headway Theme?

Let’s start with the obvious – Genesis style can be customized by the use of a stylesheet, while Headway’s primary means of customization is a design options page. In my opinion, Headway theme wants to keep people in the dashboard – which is a very intelligent way of doing things. (I will point out that Headway, too, can also be customized by using a custom.css file.)

In my opinion, the author developed Headway to serve as a blank slate, so to speak – to give bloggers and developers a solid engine to start with, and to give them the ability to style as they please. With the studio press Genesis theme framework, studiopress’ team have focused more on the design element – while also ensuring that we still built a very solid core set of files. (Thus the hiring of Mark Jaquith to ensure the very best of security.)

I’d be willing to bet that if you took a look under the hood of Headway and Genesis , you’d see two very different things. While both are engines, they are both built differently.True, they both may have hooks in various locations, and some custom functions, that’s pretty much the extent of the similarities. Styling is handled differently, general code customization is handled differently and the list goes on.

There’s No Logical Comparison Between Genesis and Headway Theme

This headline might be a bit misleading – I’m not saying that Genesis is better than Headway theme – nor am I saying that Headway theme is better than Genesis. Here’s the best way for me to explain what I mean by “there’s no comparison”.

Think of a Honda Odyssey. Now think of a Ford Mustang. Both are cool vehicles, and that’s just about the extent of their similarities. Yes, they both have 4 wheels, a steering wheel and a few doors, but other than that they serve two very different purposes – and therefore cannot be compared to one another. One was designed to accommodate a family, take them to and from McDonald’s for nightly Happy Meal runs and also has a DVD player in it to keep parents sane. The other was designed for high speeds, for guys who are experiencing mid-life crisis and also for them to woo the ladies. See where I’m going here?

Which theme framework is better? Headway or Genesis?
Genesis was developed as a solution to a fundamental problem at StudioPress – well maybe not a problem, just a better solution. They did not develop it – nor do they market it as – a “Headway competitor/replacement.” Genesis is of a “killer” of Headway sites.

So if any of you feel the need to compare the Genesis theme framework and the Headway theme for WordPress, feel free. I’m sure there are some users who will claim one is better than the other – and that may be the case. A real estate agent might like Genesis better, and a blogger might like Headway better. The bottom line is that it’s pretty much different strokes for different folks. Some people drive mini-vans, some people drive cars. Both have their place in the world, and both can survive in the same market.

Then, have you decide which theme framework to buy? Headway or Genesis?
Choose your favorite.

The price of headway wordpress theme and studiopress genesis theme:

  1. Headway theme: $87   Use headway theme coupon code to get 20% off.  Headway 1.55 download
  2. Genesis Theme framework:$59.95 (child theme: $24.95) Try studiopress discount code BH10 to get 10% off. Genesis theme download