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Grafpedia: A good resource of PhotoShop Tutorials and Downloads

Do you want to leran how to design a web? Are you looking for good photoshop tutorials? Or you just want to download some resources for design, just like photoshop Brushes, Vectors, textures, stock Photos? Here it is: the Grafpedia.

Grafpedia is one of the fast growing design community around the world. Topics we covered include Photoshop tutorials and Free premium downloads: Brushes, Vectors, textures, stock Photos.

I am completely new to design and find graphpedia very very helpful.I learn each day from Grafpedia tutorials and now i really love to read Grafpedia tutorials. And there are a lot resources for photoshop! If you have purchased Grafpedia VIP account, you can access to all the resources on the site: Photoshop gradients, layer styles, brushes, swatches, tutorial sample files, stock photos, textures, vector icons and EPS files.
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