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wpremix discount code
wp remix discount coupon codes for you to use. If you are finding professional wordpress magazine style cms theme, the WPRemix wordpress theme is for you!
WPRemix 3.0 has been released with additional theme features and full WordPress 2.8.6 compatibility! This wordpress theme is designed for : Business / Web Site Owner /Web Designer and Web Developer.It’s safe to say Bhavesh made WP Remix for the developers to remix until their heart’s content.

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This theme has a lot colors. You can choose from over 50 pre-structured, strategically built page templates that covers almost every layout possibility. With powerful functions, you can even insert and execute PHP and Java script codes from visual editor following WP Remix code guide.Create different pages and have same sidebar for all pages or you can have them different for each of them!

Unlike any other wordpress themes on the net, the WP Remix theme will offer diverse add-on modules that you can use to empower WP Remix theme. The add-on modules are ready to be integrated in the WP Remix theme. Get the module, place it in the theme, configure options and that’s it.

These are reasons to purchase this theme, I know a lot people like to use free themes, but this wordpress’s especial functions you should never miss!
Need examples? Here is the wp remix showcase, show you the websites are using wpremix wordpress theme!