How to Deactivate Windows 7

1) Start Command Prompt: Click the Start Menu Button Orb (On Lower left), In the Start Search Box, key in:


And RIGHT CLICK IT, and Run as Administrator.

You can also Manually open CMD, by going to: START> ALL PROGRAMS> ACCESSORIES> Command Prompt

And Run as Admin

2) Key in the following CAREFULLY:

slmgr.vbs -ipk 3YFJ7-3486F-7488V-3VDMF-2PJMW

Hit Enter

This key is a deactivated key from Microsoft, and does NOT work for activating

3) wait a few seconds to a minute to deactivate Windows 7.

4) Once you see a pop up related to deactivation, check and see if Windows is deactivated. Go to:

Start> Right Click Computer> Click Properties, on the bottom it should tell you a time Limit


Note : please make SURE you are running an Administrative Account!