How to Backup WordPress Data With WordPress Backup Plugins

wordpress_logoAs you know, the backup is very important, if you have not notice the important of backing up, you may have not suffer the loss the data! I have lost most my data of my 2 sites! Then, I will back up my wordpress date once a week or twice a month for all my websites.

Backup the websites is easy, espacially the wordpress websites.

For websites that create by wordpress, there are two main parts you should regularly backup: WordPress database and the files you upload.
and there are more you should to backup:

Your WordPress site consists of the following:

  1. WordPress Plugins
  2. WordPress Themes
  3. Javascripts, PHP scripts, and other code files
  4. Images and Files
  5. Additional Files and Static Web Pages

Back up you upload images and files it’s easy, you can use FTP to download all files from your website, the default file which store your files is yourdomain/wp-content/uploads
All you uploaded files are stored in the “uploads” file. Inorder to backing up your files, just download the “uploads” .
Then, you should backup your wordpress database, for begainners, this is a tough work, but don’t worry, there are many ways to help you backup your database fast and easily.

The officale website have introduced many ways to back up your wordpress database, click here to view the details.

But here are 3 cool wordpress database backup plugins you may interesting in.All three are recommended, and are not listed in any particular order:

  • WP-DB-Backup: Probably one of the first backup plugins. It’s been around for a while and works well. Backs up your database only.
  • WordPress Backup: A newer addition to the plugin repository. The benefit here is that it will backup your data, uploads directory (images) and plugins.
  • WP-DBManager: Written by Lester Chan,this backing up plugin not only backups your data, but you can schedule it to optimize your database as well. Additionally, this plugin allows DB repair, and an assortment of DB functions. Probably a good plugin to have installed even if you don’t use it for backups.
  • I am using the first one, the “wp-db-backup”, working well on me.Here is a post about how to using this back up plugin to backup your wordpress mysql database.