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E-commerce WordPress Theme from Templatic :Store

Looking for a professional E-commerce WordPress Theme? Here comes Templatic’s wp E-commerce theme, here is only some features, this cool new E-commerce wordpress template will release soon!
(update: the functional ecommerce wordpress theme has released! Click here to download the template for you online store!)
E-commerce WordPress Theme
E-commerce WordPress Theme:Store
With this theme, you can build a well functional e-commerce online store easily and quickly. Here are some features you may like:

  • You can have different modes of Shopping Cart: You may sell anything online– tangible or intangible using our themes. You have an option to create your website in any mode.
    • Clear Shopping Cart:The Shopping Cart is the most important function for all e-commerce websites. Like the standard shopping cart that you see on other e-commerce websites. You may choose to have “add to cart” mode and let the users add all the items they want and then lead them to checkout or, you can have “buy now” mode and take them straight to checkout when they select a product.
    • Simple Catalog mode: Maybe you only want to showcase your items and don’t want to sell it online. Simply choose this mode and you will have “send inquiry” button instead of buy now / add to cart. Visitors thus, can send an inquiry on the products they like.
    • Cool Digital Shop: This is a perfect option for you If you are selling digital product of any kind.No matter you selling PDF, e-books, icons, photographs, scripts or any other kind of digital goodies? Select this option and when a user makes a purchase, they will have an account generated at your site and they can download their purchase any time. You don’t have to worry about third party digital delivery sites.Very easy to use.

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  • Shipping Options: As an admin, you can choose Free, Flat rate; Weight or Price based shipping option for your store. What’s more you can even set free shipping for particular items in case you’ve set other option for your store.
  • Usability: One of the reason it took us long time to complete the backend of the e-commerce themes is, usability. We studied best practices of building e-commerce websites, studied lots of successful online stores and brainstormed some of the key pages and functionality that may impact the sales process that your customer goes through. We reduced the steps of the process, restructured the purchase experience, debated on the small elements such as button / text / colors / notifications etc., finally concluding our base e-commerce theme to be one of the very easy to use and best performing purchase experience so far.
  • Order Management: Depending upon the settings from your admin panel, you can manage the order – approve, process or cancel / reject an order.
  • Manage Tax: You may specify overall tax percentage that applies to all your products and, you may choose to leave individual products tax free
  • Manage Products Easily: With is E-commerce wp Theme, you can Add / Edit / Delete products are as easy as you create a wordpress blog post. You have a custom panel where-in you can edit the product description, different parameters, upload product images etc. real easy to use.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: You have PayPal,, 2CO, Google Checkout, WorldPay, bank transfer and Cash on Delivery as payment gateway options. Choose the gateway you prefer.

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  • Product Images: Built in multiple product image upload. Uploaded images are auto re-sized to fit various thumbnails required throughout the site. Also the product zoom functionality is built it.
  • Coupon codes: Admin can generate coupon codes for occasional sales promotion.
  • Bulk Upload ( csv ): Using another shopping cart solution  for your store and want to switch to our store themes? No worries. You can export your data from there in .csv files and import it in your wordpress installation when you use our store themes.
  • Grid view / List view: Whenever you are browsing the product collection, you have an option to see the products in list view or grid view. It’s built-in by default.
  • Blog: Of course the themes come with blog, pages etc. functionality with some page templates so you can have a blog for your website.
  • Miscellaneous: You may specify Size chart if applied, When viewing a product Similar Products are automatically displayed, Several additional custom widgets are built in such as customer support, Subscribe, socialize, promo banners etc. that you can use for your store website.
  • User registration: Users may register on your site or, they will be taken to registration page on the checkout procedure. They will have their own user area where they can keep track of their order, manage profile and download purchased digital products.
  • Other parameters: Specifying Tax, weight, color(s), size(s) are easy. Also you may specify different prices for different size/colors just in case.

Just waiting for the Templatic E-commerce WordPress Theme, from the features, you can see this is a poerful functional wordpress theme, just try it. Hope there is a Templatic coupon code for this new launch Templatic theme.