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Free ColdFusion: To Be Free For Educational Use

This morning, during the CFUnited keynote, we announced that ColdFusion would be made freely available for educational use (including students and faculty). The program is modeled on the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro for Education program, and will use similar distribution and similar eligibility and verification requirements. This is a really important program for ColdFusion. For starters, there is real interest in teaching ColdFusion, and we definitely need new to be training new developers. But additionally, there is significant interest in teaching RIA development in colleges and universities, and by making both ColdFusion and Flex Builder freely available for educational use, both ColdFusion and Flex benefit.

We had hoped to be able to announce the immediate availability of this program, but the process is taking longer than we had hoped, and is not available yet. So, bear with us a bit longer, and watch for an announcement within the next few weeks.