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Do you know the hot click areas on your website? Heatmap

website heat map
Feng-GUI Hot click area system
empower designers and advertisers to effectively analyze Attention and Attraction in visuals.
For webmasters, this system can help you find the most attractive area on your websites, which will help you get more money (get more ads clicks);
For advertisers, this system can help you get more attraction.
Find out how people see your website, photo or ad and which areas are getting most of the attention.

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This artificial intelligence service simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals.

  • What is Feng-GUI heatmap
    The Feng-GUI heatmap service is an automatic alternative to eye-tracking.
    Unlike eye-tracking or click-based heatmaps, Feng-GUI creates heatmaps based on an algorithm that predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at.
    website hot area
  • What is it used for?
    * Product Placements and Branding Effectiveness:
    Realize which areas of the page/photo/advertisement gets most of the attention?
    * Hotspots – Fixations – Highest regions of interest.
    * Hotspots Order – Which and When (milliseconds) will be the next area of interest
    * Gaze Saccades – Eye movements between hotspots.
    * Which areas are being ignored.
  • How does it work?
    The Feng-GUI heatmap is a composition of several algorithms from neuro-science studies of Feature integration theory, Salience, Visual Attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.
    Or in English: “What people are looking at?”Heatmap – from dark blue through green to red, describing the regions of interest that catches attention.Here are some of the primitive features that are analyzed in the image.
    In videos, Feng-GUI analyzes some more features, such as: flicker and direction and velocity of motion.
  • Questions and Answers
    * Does it make use of mouse movement and clicks detection? – No.
    * Does it analysis web server logs? – No.
    * Does it uses Eye-Tracking technology? – The results are based and compared to Eye-Tracking analysis.
    * Does it employ face or text detection? – The online free version does not.(yet)
    * It doesn’t work on my site – The website capture has a timeout of 30 seconds.
    Flash might also cause website capture problems. As an alternative you can create a screen capture (960×640) of the website and upload the image using the browse button.
  • How accurate is it?

Here are the results of comparison benchmark conducted.
Feng-GUI attention maps regions of interest reach 70% of similarities to Eye and Mouse Tracking.
90 Images of advertisements, natural scenes and web sites.
For each image, 40 different users provided their fixation points, during 15 seconds of observation.

Results extracted from the PhD thesis of Matei Mancas (LG2 attention map).
Mouse-tracking data acquired at TCTS laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Mons, Belgium
Eye-tracking data acquired by Olivier Le Meur at Thomson R&D, France

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