Blogger Templates- 8 nice blogger tempaltes

Blogger is a wonderful blog hosting service, the features provided to us at no cost are rare to be found in any other free blog host especially the free wordpress. Unless of course you have your own domain name then using wordpress software that is free as well is recommended, but blogger is good too.
Here are some nice blogspot themes for you. have fun.

  1. Terminal Black Blogger XML Theme

    Download this blogger theme:
    This theme is a 3 column design for Blogger XML with full support for drag and drop widgets in the sidebars and the footer area. It’s fixed width for a 1024 wide screen or wider. It features a built in RSS feed and an easy to edit horizontal navigation bar in the heading. You can easily add or remove links thru the Edit HTML editor. It’s a a sleek and uncluttered layout that will allow you to add lots of sub-sections in the sidebars.
  2. Deep Blue Blogger Template Ready for Adsense or other ads

    Download this blogspot theme
  3. Blogger Templaet : Softlight
    here is a new free Bloger template
    Softlight is a simple 2 column template created especially for personal blog
    softlight blogger template
    Download this blogger template:
  4. Blogger Template : Underground
    This is a new Blogger Template as you can see,It is a two column with black/red color scheme
    This template was ported from original design by styleshout
    underground template
    Download this blogspot xml template:
  5. Blogger Template : Minyx 2.0
    minyx template for blogger
    converted from wordpress theme created by Mauricio Caballero
    minyx template for blogger
    Down this blogspot theme:
  6. Blogger Template : Greenery
    Greenery is a theme designed originally for WordPress by LEMONed and I convert it to blogger.Greenery for blogger
    Down this theme:
  7. Terra Firma: Web 2.0 Blogger Template

    Click here to view Demo:
    Original design by NodeThirtyThree
    Converted to Blogger by Fresh Blogger Templates
    <<Download Template>>
  8. Simplicity 2.0 : Girly Blogger Template

    Click here to view Demo
    Original design by Healthy Weight Loss
    Converted to Blogger by Fresh Blogger Templates
    <<Download Template>>


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