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Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bible -Free Download!

So, I collect this book Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bible on the internet, you can use it free! Or you can buy this book on Amazon

Any collection strong in Adobe CS3 needs Adobe Creative Suite 3 Bible: at over 1,200 pages of information it literally is a ‘bible’ of information, packing in details on all the toolbox offerings from the latest Adobe creation. From setting up workflows for teams or studios to exporting Web designs, working with older versions of files, adding animation and sound slips, and more, this offers up black and white screen shots paired with important information essential to Adobe users, making it a top pick not just for computer libraries, but for general-interest holdings.

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Product Description

This is one of the few books to cover integration and workflow in depth between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat, and Version Cue
Graphic design firms, ad agencies, and publishing houses typically use a collection of programs to build their designs for print or the Web, and this book shows readers how to effectively manage that workflow among applications
Provides solutions for issues that working designers or design students face every day, including developing consistent color-managed workflows, moving files among the CS3 applications, preparing files for print or the Web, repurposing documents, using CS3 with Office documents, and more

From the Back Cover

Integrate and manage workflow across Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, Dreamweaver®, Acrobat®, and Flash®

Harness all the tools in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 toolbox with this in-depth guide from well-known Creative Suite experts Ted Padova and Kelly L. Murdock. This “Big Picture” book not only covers all the latest features and programs in CS3, it teaches you how to use them in a seamless, integrated workflow, as they were designed. You’ll come away with techniques that keep your projects running smoothly and make you a more productive designer.

Set up efficient workflows for teams, studios, or freelancers
Manage color across Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver

Create, transform, and add effects to objects and layers

Export designs for Web and screen viewing

Easily revisit earlier versions of files

Add hyperlinks, animation, and movie and sound clips

Soft-proof, pre-flight, and prepare files for a variety of outputs

Manage files with Adobe Bridge

Assemble projects with InDesign

Add motion graphics with Flash