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A killer app for HTML/JS/AJAX-The Next Dreamweaver

The nest DreamwaverEvery once in a while I peek over the fence to see what the HTML/JS camps at Adobe are working on and was I in for a suprise. I really believe that the next Dreamweaver release is a killer app for HTML/JS/AJAX design and development. It is rare for me to label something a killer app but I have never seen first class tooling for html/js like this before.

The team has made several key product decisions, embedding Webkit, that have resulted in some amazing features and workflow for building web pages (dare I call them that anymore). I visited with Scott Fegette and he briefed me on what they were working on and showed a demo he did at Web 2.0 recently. In the demo he previewed a page and then paused JavaScript allowing you to both see and edit the current DOM in place. It is hard to explain but it is like FireBug on steroids and made editing very complex interactivity very easy. The puzzler is that this is just 1 of many new features and workflows for both developers and designers.