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Landing Page WordPress Theme for Niche Sites

premise Premise is a bundle of WordPress software and education material that lets you quickly and effectively create landing pages with WordPress. You can use it to build custom landing pages with a point-and-click interface alongside any WordPress theme, or use Premise to build entire WordPress sites.

Premise consists of three vital aspects to easily and quickly make great landing pages that produce results: 1) point and click landing page design, 2) built in copywriting advise, and 3) detailed conversion optimisation features and training.

Sample Landing Pages
premise wordpress landing pages

Style Setting Options
premise style settings

Custom Graphics and Buttons
premise graphics

Premise Features
1) Landing Pages

  • Point and Click Page Design – allows you to build custom, graphically enhanced landing pages with a point and click interface
  • 7 Core Landing Page Formats
    • Sales Page – the bedrock classic landing page style for action
    • Content (SEO) Landing Page – for when you have a lot of content to publish on a single page. This template will help you display that content in the most effective, captivating way possible, which can then be optimized for search engines and serve as one point that people will link to
    • Email Opt-in Landing Page – places your Opt In form front-and-center before the fold on your page to capture email addresses
    • Video Landing Page – allows you to easily create a laser targeted video landing page
    • Thank you Landing Page – to thank users for subscribing or purchasing and provide further valuable information
    • Pricing Page – the pricing page template allows you to simply and clearly display pricing plans or packges
    • Tab Scoller Page – uses tabs and side-scrolling to deliver a lot of content without it looking like long copy
  • Style Settings – point and click style settings that lets you customise fonts, colors, and styles without code
  • Individual Page Settings – true do-it-yourself WordPress design with the ability to customize each individual page you create
  • HTML Editor – allows you to style the body text, images and add ons of any landing page
  • Insert Sample Copy – with one click, you can populate your landing page with a classic template of sample text laid out perfectly
  • Over 1,100 Custom Graphics Included – includes 1,119 custom landing page graphics for more effective on-page communication
  • Easily Insert Opt-In Code – to easily insert the code from your email autoresponder service etc
  • Notice Boxes – a classy way of highlighting specific text that you’d like to set apart from the rest of the page
  • Google Website Optimizer Section – for your GWO code
  • Custom Buttons – easily create and insert customised buttons

2) Copy

  • Copyrighting Assistant – includes a number of tutorials that will take you through the basic elements of effective copywriting
  • Sample Copy Templates – with one click, you can populate your landing page with a classic template of sample text laid out perfectly
  • Guide to Effective Copywriting – includes access to audio seminar and pdf manual that reveals how to take your landing page from good to great

3) Optimisation

  • SEO Options for Every Landing Page – allows you to customize and search optimize any landing page for better rankings and more traffic
  • Integrated Split Testing For Every Page – allows you to easily test between variations of the same basic landing page
  • Conversion Optimisation Education – includes monthly seminars on the topics of conversion optimization, copywriting, SEO and more from some of the brightest minds in the industry

Premise Starter Edition: $85
Premise Ultimate Edition: $165

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