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Download Headway 1.6.1

Download the headway theme free if you have purchased the cool headway theme framework. Because the new version has released.Headway 1.6 brings many new features to the table including a skins and leafs API, importing and exporting of “styles”, body background images, and much more.

Download Headway 1.6.1

Headway Theme 1.6.1  New Features

  • All Headway features in the WordPress admin have been moved from the Appearance module to Headway’s own module.
  • Skins and Leafs API. If you’re a developer, please refer the documentation on how to use the new APIs.
  • Administration panels have been redesigned.
  • Default leaf sets. You can now set a default leaf set that will be applied to every new page you make.
  • SEO: Automatic page and post slug cleanup.
  • Live CSS Editor. Edit your CSS and see the changes right before your eyes.
  • Ability to import and export design settings via Styles in the Templates panel in the visual editor.
  • Ability to reset leafs on page.
  • Faster and easier saving in the visual editor.
  • You can now add a background image to your site with a simple image uploader.
  • Many speed improvements. CSS is auto-cached and the amount of queries have been reduced tenfold.
  • Ability to load JavaScript libraries in the Headway Configuration panel.

Developer Notes

  • All leafs have the CSS class of headway-leaf instead of box.
  • Added headway_below_leaf action.

Besides the new features, there have been many, many bug fixes and other minor enhancements.
Download Now.

You can download Headway 1.6.1 in the members’ panel(download file). For skins, leafs, and styles, go to the Headway support forums.?

Headway 1.6 download

(Although I have purchased thesis 1.7, the diytheme:thesis latest new version, I love headway. Thesis 1.7 have some new features, it slow download the post, and it do Conflict with some of wordpress plugins! Thesis vs. Headway SEO: Headway has the same seo features as thesis, so forget the seo function, good content is the most important while the seo features are the same. If you need easy to use wordpress theme framework, the headway is a good for you. I love it, and other headway users do!)