Search Term Lists: Find The Recently Hot Keywords

Hot topics are not glamorous, they are not long term, and they won’t make you famous.But,they make money!
I know a friend, one week he got some hot topics and rank high on google, just for 4 days, he get $6000 + , just only 4 days!
You should notice the recently hot search trems! Really you can make a lot free search traffic and get good revenew. What’s the hot events and what the hot search terms? You may check the top news or any other news sites just like yahoo! news, aol, cnn etc. But that not enough, you should know other hot key words. These sites provide lists of the top search terms used on the search engines. These are not intended to help you find keywords and keyphrases specifically for your site. These lists are useful for looking for general trends.

  • Lycos 50
    Lists the 50 most popular user searches for the week.
  • Livesuche
    Shows the search terms people are using on the German search engine Fireball.
  • Top 500 Keywords Of The Week
    This week’s list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords used on search engines.
  • Ask Jeeves Peek Through the Keyhole
    Shows the questions that people are asking at Ask Jeeves.
  • Yahoo! Buzz Index
    Find out what people are searching for at Yahoo! Subjects are ranked according to a buzz score which is based on the percentage of users searching for that subject on a given day.
  • – Search Spy
    Shows what other people are searching for on
  • Metaspy
    Provides real-time display of searches being performed on MetaCrawler. Provides both filtered and unfiltered versions.