Quick Tips On Optimising Google Images:Google SEO Images

Most of the time,google image can get you a lot free traffic.When the google content index are red seas, I mean, you want to rank high on google, it’s very hard for most of us. But, google image can get you a lot traffc if you Optimising your Images.Google images are blue sea!Here are some quick tips on google image optimization.

You can find a lot aritcles on image  optimization , and most of them are the Same:

  1. Rename your image name. If the image talking about red short hairstyle,the image should named:short-hair-styles.jpeg  .
  2. Store the images in one file. Which means you can put all your images in one file may named: images or anyother.
  3. Add alt tag.
  4. if possible, add title tag.
  5. Add  relative key words to describe the image.(this is important)

Here’s what a properly formatted image should look like:

<  img src=”” alt=”Zen Fanless Power Supply” width=”400″ height=”340″  />