Popular Keyword Research Tools

What topic should you write which can increase your traffic? You should write helpful and useful articles to readers.People use different words when they search for online content. These search terms are called keywords.

Keyword Research tools can help you discover topics that people are currently searching for that are related to your expertise. Use this as a springboard to launch another 25 articles that are each 250-450 words and relate to the topics your potential audience is searching for. Provide articles that answer the readers’ questions in their search query.

Popular Keyword Research Tools:

1. Keyword Discovery: This is a very cool seo tools which can help you find long tails keywords.compiles keyword search stats
from worldwide search engines.

2. Wordtracker: There are free and premium versions.This tool can generates keywords for search engine
and website optimization.Find the root keywords related words, tell you what is hot topic.

3. Google Alerts: Also, this is a free service. email updates of the latest relevant
Google results based on your choice of topic or keywords.You will find the latest hot topics and write about it, get the latest new, get more free traffic from search engine.

4. Google Suggest: This is a vey commom seo tool and a lot seoers do use this free seo tool. as you type in a keyword, Google
offers suggestions and shows the number of results.

5. Goodkeywords: downloadable freeware that queries a
number of popular search engines to identify good

Example: “Hairstyles” when entered into Google Suggest
tells me that I should write articles about
short hairstyles” or “hairstyles for men”.

Key Insight: While you may be tempted to write only about the most popular topics, also remember that these topics have the most competition within the search engines–meaning, you are fighting against hundreds or thousands of competitors to get the attention of the market to your article.

Perhaps a better strategy is to focus on the middle to lower “tail” of the market by looking at the 50th-200th most popular keywords or phrases from your keyword research and use them as your basis for your next set of articles. There will be less competition for the ‘long tail’ than the short list of most popular terms and key-phrases.

Tip: Look at how your niche keywords may intersect with a holiday or current event. It’s a great way to pick up current free interest traffic!

I recommend you try the Keyword Elite 2.0 , which can help you find more keywords, also help you  analysis  your competitors’ websites.