New AMI BIOS tool for performing SSV2/3 and Dynamic SLIC Modification

A new tool to perform insert a SLIC table using one of three main methods:

1) SSV3 – used for most AMI BIOSes. Does NOT work for some MSI boards. This is the safest for non-MSI boards.
2) SSV2 – used for MSI boards. Asus boards should use the SSV3 method, SSV2 is NOT needed.
3) Dynamic – The SLIC table is introduced into the BIOS so that, along with other ACPI tables, it’s memory location is dynamically allocated by the BIOS. This is how manufacturers would insert a SLIC table, HOWEVER, it requires code modification to overcome locks – hence it is less safe than SSV2 or 3 which should be used in preference.
There is now (v1.00 RC2+) an attempt to automatically identify the manufacturer from the BIOS. Please ensure the correct BIOS manufacturer is selected from the drop down list before modding. This is most important for MSI, BIOSTAR and XFX. If your manufacturer is not listed then it is safe to select Other and try an SSV2 or SSV3 mod.

This is only needed for core v8 mods.

– BIOS flashing is not for the faint hearted. There is ALWAYS an element of risk. Please ensure you are familiar with the procedure, and have necessary floppy disks etc., to allow a recovery in case of a flash failure.
– We assume you have a legitimate edition of Vista. Piracy is NOT condoned.
– Please remove any softmods. For Vistalo*der this includes repairing the boot sector and MBR of the hard disk.

Flash recovery information:
– Read here – – note that sometimes the filename needs to be different – the boot block error message will tell you, however this does mean you need a second machine to be able to change the file name.
– Also read here –
– Ensure that the version on the disk is the (unmodified) version you are trying to flash with SLIC – avoids problems with bootblock flashing.

SLIC and SLP files – The program needs:
– A 374 byte SLIC file (ASUS included, others available from other tools and softmod archives). Checksum is automatically corrected.
– A one line text file containing the SLP string you wish to be inserted. Again, ASUS is included. See…dpost&p=534097 – only the text string (without ‘) after the hex numbers is needed in the TXT file
– 911medic has kindly uploaded his collection of SLIC .BIN files here –

Vista Keys and Certificates
– Keys can be found here –
– Certificates can be found here –

XP Keys and OEMBIOS files
– Keys can be foud here –

1) Flash, using the manufacturers recommended method, the unmodified BIOS of the same version. This allows the bootblock etc. to be updated.
2) Mod the BIOS using the tool
3) Flash the SLIC’d BIOS from DOS. Use only the /i switch. This ensures the bootblock is left intact and maximises the chance of a successful recovery if a problem was to occur.
4) You then still need to use the appropriate key and certificate for Vista, and key and OEMBIOS files for XP.

Many thanks to Yen, Zort, 911medic and P4Spooky for their invaluable advice and feedback.

NOTE for automated Mod – sometimes a simulated keystroke is ‘lost’ causing the automated process to fail. In this case just click Go again.

I have added the ability (based on the methodology here –  to see if a certificate matches a SLIC file or the existing SLIC table in an already modded BIOS. Just click the verify button adjacent to the certificate text box after selecting a pre-SLIC’d BIOS or SLIC file. This does not need to be done to mod a BIOS, it is completely independant.



Latest version

Please always use latest version

v1.32 –…
Mirror –

FIX: Adjust default options for ASRock
FIX: Executable now named AMITool.exe for consistancy with other tools