Cheap web hosting?

Okay, one might think that cheap web hosting means a compromise in quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You should choose serious companies, just like bluehost, lunarpages cheap enough, but still offering e.g. disk space, free domains and unlimited traffic, just to a cheaper price. Cheap  web hosting with excellent capacity, quality and security. The reason for the astonishing low prizes is the fact that the providers of split the expenses amongst a huge number of users resulting in each user only paying a fraction of the total cost. Most of the plans listed above uses the cPanel interface that let’s you manage everything from your email accounts to subdomains and MySQL databases. low cost web hosting

The cheap web hosting market has in recent years grown tremendously, increasing competition in the segment.Some big companies like Bluehost,Hostmonster,Hostgator,lunarpages. For the buyer this has mostly been a positive change with lower prices and increased capacity, but unfortunately some less serious actors have appeared on the market looking to make a quick buck. You can rest assure that we list no such companies and that the providers in our list are well established and offer well credited affordable web hosting. You’ll simply get more for less.

So if you are looking for budget hosting, have a look at the companies in the list and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

In fact, I suggest you buy lunarpages as you web hosting .If you buy this hosting now, they are just $4.95/m, no matter you buy the hosting for 1 or 2 years. Bluehost also only $4.95/m, but if you want this price, you must get a 2 years hosting. I have used lunarpages and bluehost, still, I love lunarpages better. Cheap, fast, stable.